Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sinestro Visits the Green Lanterns

First off, addressing the rumors that I have Soo many toys that I seem to have misplaced my entire Justice League is just that, Rumors!

I keep finding cool toys in unexpected places. Like today, the plan was to go to Toys R Us after some clothes shopping at the mall. Instead we found Sinestro, Kyle Raynor, and Vixen all sitting on a rack full of Justice League toys at Mervins. What the heck? Mervins, a mall store, had a better toy selection then Toys R Us, Target (which owns Mervins I think?) and Walmart. What is the world coming to? As soon as I introduced Sinestro into the collection the Lanterns attacked. They really don't like him.

I don't like him either. I wish they had gone with the Bulbous head approach which was more familiar to the Super Friends days. Oh well.

Now back to Benji in the Wild on TV tonight! There's a five star adventure!

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