Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Transformers Score release...

In about a week the Transformers score will finally be released. This has been a real slow year for good movie scores. Usaully by this time I have at least five or six from the current year. So far this year, its a big fat zero. Maybe I have heard it all, and am tired of what is released, maybe too many movies skip the background music for artistic comps, maybe composers use too much of their same stuff over and over again and it sounds the same, maybe John Williams has been on too long of a vacation, maybe A list composers are being dropped for cheap do what I tell you composers that the directors and editiors can walk all over, maybe its just a dry spell.

I saw Transformers three times in the theatre, and its score sounded fairly decent. It will be interesting to hear if it translates by itself or not. I have heard lots of talk of how great the Autobots coming to Earth theme was, however I thought it sounded kind of bland. Same with Primes theme, needed more punch. I mainly like the repetitive sound of the Decepticon's are coming theme with the low chanting chorus. Most likely as always the stuff I like will be about one to two minutes in length while tracks of horribleness like "Sam at the lake" will be fifteen minutes long (and that I remembered was awful awful music.

Anyhow, here are my top ten favorite soundtracks of all time...

1. Tomorrow Never Dies (David Arnold) Most listened to score ever.
2. Batman (Danny Elfman) Best Super Hero score ever.
3. The Rocketeer (James Horner) Where Horner steals his Titanic Music from himself.
4. The Empire Strikes Back (John Williams) Battle of Hoth, too cool.
5. Indiana Jones Last Crusade (John WIlliams) Belly of the Steel Beast...Wow!
6. Jurassic Park: the Lost World (John Williams) All about the Bongos.
7. Gladiator (Hans Zimmer)Loud, Harsh, Mars-ish, Fantastic.
8. Chicken Run (Powel and Gregson Williams) Chickens and Kazoos, oh yeah!
9. Cutthroat Island (John Debney) Ye-Arrg Matey Swashbuckle this!
10. Goldzilla (David Arnold) Sooo much action music my ears!

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