Saturday, October 13, 2007

More GI Joes. Polly and Firefly

Check out Firefly's shadow arm weapon!

This weeks toy addiction swings violently back to GI Joe. Talk about roller coasters of collecting of late. One minute I can't stop looking for GI Joes, the next minute I could care less and I'm on to hunting for the Justice League figures, and with a whim of wind I'm powering back to Transformers with a vengence. This is getting silly. I wish I was one of those collectors who can draw the line with one topic and stay on that topic. I'm sure I would have a better collection of one thing, then flip flopping all over the place.

Anyhow. This new Polly action figure has it all. THis time around the plastic is softer so hopefully his feet won't break off on first perchings. He comes with a large companion figure, Shipwreck to hold him off the ground. I was a little disappointed that they jointed the accessory Shipwreck more so than Polly. It would be nice to have some jointed wings, maybe a few electronic sayings, and some detachable feathers. Maybe on the 50th anniversary figs.

I never owned a Firefly figure in grey camo with exception of the other Firefly figure I own in grey camo. But that one is still in its package with a repaint Serpentor and that one Viper with the text that runs across his eye gaurd. I can't decide if I should open it or not, probalby not since I already have that new Serpentor.

With the way these new Joes are flying of the shelves here, I almost feel guilty opening them. I missed out on the Red Ninja, Stalker, Beach Head, and some Cobra Officers thinking they would stay on the shelves a few exta days. I didn't want to buy the whole bunch in one day... I do have limits to my geekiness.

Oh wait. I don't.

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