Saturday, September 01, 2007

Got to love the discount toys!

I keep hearing that the discount stores in towns, like Big Lots, or others have all sorts of cool cheap toys, and or knock offs of Transformers. Thought I would check that out last night. I did see some funny Transformers knock offs, like a large sized Beast Wars Rat trap, a Beast Machines Optimus, and some other funny ones. They were REALLY cheap, but I don't have no room so I passed. Just thought it was funny to see. Then I came across these cheaper army guys. I'm looking for something neat to accomodate my 25th Joes. They didn't have the knock off AWE Striker I have been looking for. But they did have this Hilarious Camel trooper!

As soon as I took it out of the package, Dusty attacked and took over ownership though. He totally fits though. Now I'm tempted to buy more camels. They had a horse too, but it wasn't as funny.

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