Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jazz Transformed

Okay okay, I'm not THAT lazy, here is Jazz Transformed. He's fairly a proportionate robot, his legs are a little big, and his shoulders are kind of boney. I'm not sure why his front grill has a springy thingy inside, and the sides are on hinges? I really like the telescoping weapon! Too many Transformer weapons are based off projectiles. They don't all have to shoot things. Beast Wars always did a good job of alternative weapons too. Like Rhinox's spinning saw blade weapon with the maises.

I also saw the G1 Painted Starscream at Target, but Im not really a fan of his movie design. Kind of Triangular. Actually, if its still there, I should pick one up and throw it in the closet. I'm sure one day I will do a 180, once I know I can't find him. But that brings up the issue of how many times to I have to buy the same character. Gets kind of creepy when you have 5 Optimus Primes, 5 Dukes, 5 Destros, 5 Chewbaccas...

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