Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ulysses Chickens in the Wind?

You might have noticed I made a second blogger site that would feature this comic. At the time I wasn't too motivated, but of late I decided that I have been watching WAY to much TV, and producing nothing to show of it. And my comic-ing talents seem to be waisting a way a bit, I thought I better at least sort of try and dust things off. I am actually very mad at myself for not having a web comic site up, since that is what I really like doing; writing comics! So I ran into Smack Jeeves the other day, and though, this would be the place to at least get the pen rolling again.

So, if you get time check out Ulysses Chickens in the Wind
Where you will find fantastically rendered art in edge of your seat story lines! All juxtaposed next to some of the finest Emo, Sonic the Hedge Hog, Gothic, and really quite scarry 'alternative' comics around.

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