Wednesday, August 08, 2007

25th Anniversary Flint! At last!

Wow, I haven't hunted for a toy like that since last week. These 25th Anniversary Joes have obsessed my minds to Attacktix proportions. I started to get real frusterated when the store I usually visit Fred Meyer, had the figures, and sold out of them before I even knew it! That was supposed to be my back up plan. I kept checking the wrong spots all along the place I normally go had it covered. When I went to Freddies for lunch today I found a couple figures, but not the Flint I so wanted. (I did see a black wolf varient Snake Eyes which I so graciously let my sister take)

So tonight I thought I would check the other Freddies next to my place (strangely about the same distance in opposite directions). To my anger, just an empty peg!!! (maybe they didn't stock it yet though, who knows.) Anyhow, had nothing to do, and decided to check on a Target a few more miles out. This Target has never failed me in finding a new toy. It failed this time! I was so bummed out. So bummed out.

I decided to try one last time for the night and hit yet ANOTHER Fred Meyer... sort of on the way home to the left. After pouncing on the toy aisle to find no peg at all near the GI Joes seciton. I was mega bummed now, just wasted lots of too much time on this whole hunt. Then I turned around to check other toys out when BLAM! There they were inbetween the Justice league and som Yui-gi-Oink toys! There was ANOTHER Snake Eyes, and that Storm Shadow I really don't care about, but behind them was FLINT! I can now rest. Or at least, take a breather- now I have to hunt for the 5-packs of all the other main figures. But I don't think those are in town yet anywhere.

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