Saturday, August 11, 2007

Godzilla Limited edition Soundtrack at long last!

It's about darn time! If I haven't mentioned it before, I am a big movie score fan. I don't think I own any other kind of music cd besides a movie soundtrack (not to say I don't like other kinds of music-Celine Dion is the greatest singer in the world).

Nothing bums me out more then finding out that a soundtrack will not be released for a movie with a fantastic score. First off, I am really surprised that as many scores get released as there are. There are a ton of bad, boring, non interesting soundtracks released. Which makes it all the more frusterating when a potentially great score is swepped under the carpet. I don't get how the bad scores to bad movies get sent to the stores, when good scores to okay movies get bagged. (Transformers anybody? anybody? hello? duh? even the 1986 soundtrack is still selling)

Such was the case with Godzilla. Maybe since the movie didn't make expectations, they decided that no one wanted to hear the soundtrack. I would like to summon Godzilla himself to eat that person. Godzilla composed by David Arnold (remember my Casino Royal rant) is one of the greatest scores ever made. It's pure power in the action music department. It also has a thunderous main theme, zippy hero clips, sappy love music, and emotional defeat themes. It's about time a limited edition, 2 cd, one hour 40 minutes of music soundtrack was released. Only 3000 copies were made + the one I let Jeff "borrow".

The best tracks so far are;

#13 Animals Camera - when Hank Azaria chases Godzilla to get a good video of him. The heroic score comes out for the first time.

#21 1st helicopter chase- A nice action music go, setting up many many more to follow.

#3 (cd 2) Godzilla O Park/ Godzilla takes a dive/ Godzilla vs the Submarine/ egg discovery. Here is a known fact: every time the word 'Submarine' shows up in one of David Arnold's scores it is a very long, thought out, complicated action piece. The track itself could be a whole score. Many people find them to be over done and hard to follow, but once you listen a few times you will want to hit replay over and over.

#9 (cd 2) He's Back!/ Taxi Chase- this is just incredible. Wow. It won't let up, I remember this scene in the movie and wanting the score immediatly to drive around town with.

#10-#11 (cd 2) Big G goes to Monster Heavan and the end- Much like the powerfull music at the end of Independace Day, this is where David Arnold finnally gets the chance to counter all the bad news music from most of the movie, to good news good guy finally winning music. And what fun it is when the good guy starts winning music.

So if you get a chance to get this score, where ever online by, or ebay. do so, its too fun to past up. 3000 is not many copys at all (it will be a good investment).

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