Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Superman Doomsday DVD movie (spoilers) and First Ever post rated PG-13.

I find it Bizzaro how this movie's release went right under my radar these past couple of weeks. I have purchased two Doomsday figures on good sales of late, and was really curious of the whole Doomsday story in the Superman universe since I missed it in the 90's. I was reading Wikipedia stuff, and asking friends how it all went down. I was trying to borrow a copy of the comic from a friend who then tipped me off about this being released yesterday. So I got a copy on the way home from work and all things are now answered. Well at least most things. I'm sure the comic is different, but I can now say I lived through a Doomsday episode of Superman.

It was an okay movie. Nothing to drop someone through the atmosphere about. Had some really nice animation momments. The usuall gee whiz Lois, you can sneak into Lex's building but still be doofed by Clarks glasses. SPOILER: This movie is sort of taken loosely from WB's Superman the Animated series. Some characters are drawn different, different voices etc... but still feels close to the same story line. Its a bit discombobulating to see Lois Lane drawn like Lana from Smallville. Not sure why they did that? Also, Insert Geeky voice here, innnn cartooon epissooode 27.5c Lex creates a clone from Superman who then turns out to be Bizarro Superman. Well in this movie he does it again, which was sooo played. I'm not a big Lex Luther fan so when he showed up yet again to take away the thunder of the Doomsday plot, I was a bit bored. The only time I really like Lex is when he insanely heads the Legion of Doom in Darth Vader's head. Proably because when the Legion of Doom is around so is the Justice Super League Friends, and at that point there are so many characters running around there isn't room for boring Lex Luther propaganda. Then there is my favorite Spiderman episodes with the Tablet of Time and the Sinister Six, and I really think I lost my train of thought which I believe Superman just ran faster than and jumped over.

In short, its a better renter then buyer DVD. Now I just need to figure out why the two Doomsday figures I own are red instead of grey blue.

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