Saturday, September 22, 2007

Real Gear Trouble

A few weeks back I bought a couple Transformers Real Gear toys. Mainly because the store had a buy two get one free sale. I was already going to buy that GI Joe Flint figure, so I figures, get another toy, get another another toy free.

A few weeks back back, I bought a Dreadrock figure. This was my first real super nerd purchase of a Takara version of the toy from Japan. I was hoping he would have some sharp edges or extra lead paint that America's versions are supposed to weed out. As of late though, who knows. Just keep licking the Batman dan.

A few years back back, When Transformers Cybertron toys first came out, Jetfire was my top pick, but I never bought one. I was really bumped out when I saw him on ebay for crazy inflated prices. Strange that Dreadrock was only 11.99 on ebay and its the same thing right? SO his sound effects are in Japanesse. How could you tell that differance?

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