Sunday, September 09, 2007

Silver Surfer

After a few months of light surfing through the stores, I found the Silver Surfer to annoy my Fantastic Four toys.

I was a little disappointed with this toy's display base though. Its a little oversized don't you think? Almost the same size as the toy, How rediculous!

Luckily I have a few old GI Joe bases to spare. That looks much better.


Kenny said...

From the FF4 series? Damn, I've been looking all around for a Silver Surfer as well.

Dan said...

Hi Kenny! I am overwelmed that someone new has commented! That breaks a record of 255 days or something! So good to hear from you instead of the usuall losers who frequent this site... I mean winners, winners! We are all winners here at the Dan's Toy Museum!

Anyhow, yes its the FF4 series. I didn't think I would actually snag one. But Walmart had one eventually. Keep Looking. There were two that night, had I known you were looking I would honor your comment with that one.

Kenny said...

Haha, yeah we are all winners!

I've been looking all over from Singapore where I'm from, to here in Buffalo where I'm studying now. Looks like I need to pay Walmart another visit.


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