Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Fantastic Watch Collection; Episode 0: Transformers Flip Watch Superion

Aside from captain of the football team, saving the school from a devestating fire, and being a prized member or the French Club, I was known for my extensive toy watch collection in high school. I found the box containing them up in my closet the other day. Due to the perils of time though, most of the batteries are dead. :( Not to mention, to replace some batteries, endangers breaking the watch even more. My favorite two watches were this one in the video...must be Metroplex? And Ultra Magnus... arrrrg I can't find! (I think he is in my dad's basement workshop disasembled waiting for batteries?) The Transformers watch would flip up with a press of a button (Arms rotated too). They are a little loose now, sometimes popping out at unconvienent times. They are stuck to the base of the watch by rod and spring which can hamper things. Ahhh memories.

UPDATE 3/23/09; Its Superion!


Mike Overall said...

Hey Dan!

What's kickin chicken? I totally forgot about Xformer watches...geez, been forever seems like...movie is 3 months away! Tell me you'll be there opening day chief.

Jeff said...

Dan, you have too many cool toys. I think my brother had one of these growing up. I miss it.

The toy, not my brother. :o)

Jason said...

Is that watch from the era of G2? I only ask because, the font for the Transformers logo looks to be Generation 2.


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