Thursday, April 26, 2007

Memory Game Round 4!

I am sure the anticipation for Marvel Memory Game round 4 has been driving the whole world mad! The comments from round 3, suggest serious tactical revelations to behold! lets see what happened...

In our last round, Josh discovered the Hulk. He then picked #15 Captain America's top, #19 The Thing's top, and specially awarded #2 Storm's Butt!

Jeff then jumped in and picked #7 Storm's Top, and #14 Captain America's pants!

Talk about a switch-r-oo for Josh and Jeff.

Now the game is in serious foot. Someone can really take lead now. Will it be someone new, ready to steal the game? Or will Josh continue the lead in the greatest game of memory ever played!

I guess I should add, if you know more than two matches, its ok to pick both. But if you are wrong, you are banned for life and have to do community service at the Antarctic Toy Museum.


Jeff said...

Oh, I'm gonna clean up!

First off, let me pick #1 and #19 (Thing)

Then, I want #14 and #15 (Cap 'Merica)

And THEN I want #7 and #2 (Storm)

Oh, YEAH Baby! Kickin' butt and taking names! Woo-hoo!

Jeff said...

Now, if all those are correct, do I get to pick another 3, Mr. Dan?

Josh Miller said...

Rats, well, let's go with 20 and 16


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