Monday, April 16, 2007

Fun with Transformers Classics Devastator?

I originally wasn't going to buy this dude. New and improved Devestator just looked kind of stupid. For all the new tricks of plasticry they can do these days, this isn't one of them. Allthough, to be fair, this is a repaint from Transformers Energon, and things were just starting to get sort-of-cool at that series. I think we all wanted a newly designed Classics Devestator (yes even Janet Reno), but instead this guys came back.

I think the biggest disappointment bringing it home was to discover that instead of five construction vehicles forming a giant robot, it's actually only three vehicles! Two Vehicles are just painted differently. I must be going blind, I can't believe I missed that one at the store, or a few years ago for the Energon version. Where is the cool Cement Mixer from G1 or the Dump truck or the Shovel guy. What a cop out!

So I built up Devastator right away, just anctious to see what it really looks like. Besides I needed someone to move my Fridge slightly to the left. As thoughted before, he sure looked stupid. But to my surprise, with a Leg for an arm and an arm for a leg (Mr McGreg) He actually looks kind of cool.

I can't stand his robot head -seems to be missing something- so I leave it inside one of the cab pieces. With the grapple arms fully extended it makes him look pretty menacing as he takes on the mini Cybertron bots.

Devastator really can be transformed to have four arms. Two skinny Grapple arms, and two bulkier front cab arms. These can be moved to all sorts of cool attack modes.

But in the end, team Autobots get the leg up on old Devestator. But Devastaor has one trick left in him. On his back he has some treads so he can escape on his back while he rests his wounds.

I guess overall I kind of like the new Classics Devastator. My first impression was to return him after a few days, but now I'm thinking he can stay. The color scheme is at least close to the G1 version.

Actually it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy anther one so you could switch the Grapple trucks so that you had one complete green Devastator and one complete black Devastator.

oh darn! Now I have to buy another one!!!

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