Sunday, April 01, 2007

Manta ray on a Simpsons string?

Makes a fun toy attack for Bart the cat. I throw it at him, and pull it back in before it gets to him. Kind of like a high speed bird attack. You can also shake it really fast to make bird like wing flapping sounds and then frisbee it across the room for simulated bird attack. Cat likes that too.

Hmmm not much going on at the Museum Lately? Maybe because Classics Devestator looks kind of stupid. Spiderman 3 figures are slightly smaller than Spiderman 1 and 2 figures. I'm not falling for the Star Wars 30 years and 30 coins gimmick. Sponge Bob legos are hard to find. No Baroness, Scarlet or Jinx Sigma Sixes yet. And Hotwheels are now sold with a black front so you have no idea what kind of car you are going to get. Actally that last one is pretty funny. How the heck are those die hard collectors going to know if they have the entire set of those? If they open them to find out which ones they have, won't that zap the value? Or can you put them in an X-ray machine to find out what kind it is?

Played a round of Marvel Attacktix with the family the other night. We pretty much had a melee of all of series one booster packs. Spiderman on the pole had to bow out early, his waist was locking up and he wouldn't attack. Venom's arm was sticky as well. Both Wolverines attacks were crap. Captain America had some shield tossing issues. Hulk kept throwing the barrel waaaay over the battle field. Magneto did kick some butt. I think the final three standing were 1. The Thing 2. Magneto 3. Punisher. It was fun, but needs fine tuning. Maybe the addition of series two will help.

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