Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Skyfire bloopers.

Your in luck, after a week of watching that Transformer watch transform video you get another picture of a Transformer on my couch. I should rename the blog.

I watched some old Generation one Transformers first season a couple mouths ago. It's fun stuff now, especially because of random animation errors. Examples being transformers painted wrong, or wrong voices coming out of wrong mouths etc... My favorite mistake was when Bumblebee and Spike (i think) were boarding Skyfire to go on a mission somewhere. However just before Skyfire's hatch closes, Spike yells out "Don't forget to have Optimus Prime do something or other..." (okay I can't remember the exact quote). The hatch then closes, BEHIND Bumblebee and Skike and then Skyfire suddenly takes off. Hello? Dude! Your supposed to close the door so your passengers are inside!

I think the other blooper is where a group of Transformers are standing together, and one yells out "We have to go save Spike and Bumblebee!" However if you look at the group Bumblebee is among them. (allthough that could be that other yellow car guy. still made me laugh though if it was).

I found my Ultra Magnus watch by the way! Unfortunatly it looks like Galvaclock got to him first so I have to do some rebuilding.

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