Sunday, April 29, 2007

Memory Game Round 5!

Welp, here are some more results of the greatest game ever played...

Jeff Picked the correct numbers, side stepping the banned for life threat and won mental prizes of #1&19 The Thing, #14&15 Captain America, and #7&2 Storm. Is it me, or does the Thing's eyes look kind of scarey? And Storm really needs to hit the gym. The Captain just looks silly with the thumbs up there.

Josh then, went ahead of Jeff's guessing of his three, but at this point, who really cares. #20 is Cyclops top, and #16 is Ironman's Pants. No match, but intriquing results yet again.

Here is the boards status now, after Jeff's running the tables. We are getting down to the wire. It can be anyone's game still, especially if Jeff picks his three soon (or techincally 5 I think?).

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