Friday, February 10, 2006

Winter Toy Olympic Parade of toys!

Lots of excitement today as the toyaletes gather and walk through the stadium. Here are some highlights of the parade.

Only three toys going for the plastic gold in the Skeleton this year. Skeletor is the favorite. C-3PO just bearly qualified for the event claiming his innor parts are very skeletal. Xevoz Skeleton warrior is still an unknown though.

A slight incident happened when the powerful Wampa forwards from Team Hoth attacked the GI Joes in the front row. Lifeline will have his work cut out for him getting them out of comas.

Team Ice Bionicle is cleared to play even though there were allegations that they were adding parts. No evedence was ever found, so the team got the green light. Expect big things from the Bohrohk Ball Bionicles power shoot.

And finally, Mr Freeze Terrorizes the crowd by freezing them solid!

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