Wednesday, February 08, 2006

2006 Winter Toy Olympic Construx stadium is completed!

Construx workers gave a sigh of releif today when construction on the mega stadium was completed just in time for the opening of the Winter Toy Olympics.

It is said that the large seating area has the ability to hold various crowds and can cater to any toy's needs. It is estimated it can hold up to five thousand Micro Machine people, or 50 Attacktix figures, or 25 GI Joe's, or 10 Masters of the Universe, or 1 Rancor and 1 Unicron. Depending on who bought tickets, the crowd will probably be a sample from each.

And here they come already, lining up for great seats, in what could be the most anticipated Toy Olympics ever. Even senator Bail Organa has come to the event protected by his strong packaging. It looks like seats will be filled to standing room only. The excitement only goes up from here!


Lucrezia said...

Hi. It's your sister. Send me an email at my first and last names, no spaces I can't find your address. Did you see Harrison Ford on Conan Tuesday? Did you see the clip from the Star Wars Christmas Special? Harrison tried to strangle Conan. It was awesome!

Mike Overall said...

Your sister's name is Lucrezia? hmm...

Anyways...awesome stadium! I have some Legos I should use to make my own...but then I'd be plagerizing you, wouldn't I? So I will wait until later. Too bad I missed the Conan clip. He so funny!

Anonymous said...

It seems that Captain Kirk and that Lizard Guy have a connection. I can tell by the way they are gazing into each others eyes. Ahhh. Kirk and his many alien romances.

Jeff R


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