Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mystery of the Pink Star Wars Action Figure Case!

After the extreme overproductin Phantom Menace toy fiasco, I was able to pick up great buys of toys. Like this nice R2-D2 action figure case. It was a steal at less than five bucks. It holds lots of stuff, and has a cool little display base.

Its been up in my dark non temperature changing closet climate for the last few years. When I took it down the other day and opened it up, I was surprised to see that the inside has changed from white to pink! Now I am fairly confident Luke didn't leave a pair of red socks in there or Darth leaving a light saber on, so I am not sure what the deal is.

The camera won't pick up the pink in the flash, so I had to alter this picture with photoshop for purposes. If anyone knows the answer to this mystery, we will have to get together and make a documentary to withstand future generations of toys.

tune in next time for the mystery of the Melting 1980's Masters of the Universe toys.


Mike Overall said...

Hey, that's pretty neat. If I had any open stuff from star wars I'd throw it all in that thing!

The plastic they use for dividers is sub-par from what they use for the exterior. I had a baseball card case that was white but when I sold it years later it was kind of pinkish-purple. Let that be a warning to ya!

clone wars said...

I had a Star Wars action figure that turned pink in just a minute.
Others turned pink after being used on top of a birthday cake. The weird thing is that the icing was blue, but the feet turned pink.


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