Thursday, February 09, 2006

2006 Winter Toy Olympic Opening Ceremonies!!!

It's finally Here! The 2006 Winter Toy Olympics! We begin today with the opening ceremonies located on the prestigious Dan's sofa table! The Toy Museum is buzzing with intensity and excitement! Check out this packed stadium filled to the asiles! How amazing it is! How amazing too that it seems to be snowing in indoor facilities. Dan better check his heating systems!

Well, lets bring out the contestant parade!



THAT was not scripted! They took out the front row! Oh the toy-humanity!

Oh well! Lets get these guys cleared off for the parade, and we can't forget the torch lighting too!


Mike Overall said...

Yes,that IS unfortunate...

What can you tell me about Transformers: Universe? How are they different from Transformers: Cyberton?

dan said...

Transformers Universe are reissues and repaints of past transformer lines and maybe even lines from Japan that didnt' make it here yet. I got a second chance at Depth Charge from Beast Wars and was very happy.

Mike Overall said...

I found this at Big Lots of all places. They had 4 of them. His name is Steamroller and he is a giant...not a bulldozer but the shoven is on a big extended arm...will take pictures and post them shortly so stay tuned. He's pretty neat looking.

Face said...

Nice work...keep up the "special effects"


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