Monday, February 20, 2006

Half-Tub Competition Cools down!

Yo Joe! Here comes ForstBite for the Half-Tub!

We should see some great tricks from this guy!

Wow! Look at the speed he gets!

The Height with this toy is unreal!

Well there you have it folks! Snow Angels for all!

Since no other toy has a snowboard, FrostBite gets the Plastic gold, silver and bronze! What an honor!


Josh Miller said...

I'm not sure why, but that just made my day.

Mike Overall said...

I'm not sure why that made his day either lol

Which Transformers do you have currently?

dan said...

I have a large bin full of em! Mainly Beast Wars, and a few new ones. My favorite has to be the 20th aniversary Optimus Prime, Spendy, but very cool.

Tovey Call said...

DAN! What a great blog! If only you could somehow market your skills, like by making your toys into short flash skits -- hmm..

dan said...

Hmmm. The thought has crossed my mind. Maybe when the toy winter olympics end some day.

Mike Overall said...

Hey Tovey Call!

I thought about doing that with my open stuff...write a script and build some sets including what's outside...check my site out:

Mike's Collectables

stacy said...

Tovey Call? I'm google searching for him but don't know how to connect now that he's not at the Idaho press Trib. He did our logo once and we need another. Do you know how to reach him?


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