Thursday, February 02, 2006

Toy Arm Wrestling 5! Mr Fantastic vs. Half Finished C3-PO!

Back again for another match! Mr Fantastic narrowly passed Fist-O's knockout attempt last time and has made it back for his fourth match. Can he fight off the mighty half finished C3-PO? Lets find out.

And here we go!

Mr. Fantastic looks pretty bored today, he just doesn't seem to be in it like he used to. C3-PO is having trouble even getting to the table, looks like he needs a boost.

And what better boost than Dr. Doom, Mr Fantastic's hated arch enemy!

OOOH! Thats a lightning blast! Ouch thats gotta hurt!

And Mr. Fantastic is out! Wow what an event! It looks as if C3-PO's friend Dr. Doom has won the match!

All though, does the win go to C3-PO or Dr Doom? Hmmmm.

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