Tuesday, January 03, 2012

V.A.M.P. MK-II Multi-Purpose Attack Vehicle the Complete SUV for GI Joe

There was a lengthy few minutes of joy on Christmas Eve this past year, when I was showered with a ton of GI Joe Toys. I don't think I have received so many Joe toys at once since 1987 when I got the Mobile Command Center and a Tomahawk helicopter. But enough about my good fortunes, lets take a look at the new VAMP!

I believe this is the second run of this vehicle this year, with the first one being in desert tan for the Pursuit of Cobra line. I am more accustomed to VAMPS being jungle green, so I am all a go with this one. For the first time in quite a while the, designers created a vehicle with plenty of passenger seats. Too often Joe vehicles have one maybe two seats, and the rest of the team have to hold on for dear life on questionable peg location. Once Shipwreck calls Shotgun, you're left with the small little ledge behind the explosive firing missile. Another Up-grade with the new VAMP is the retracting capture claw. Now when Duke gets carried away in battle, you can pull him right back in!

The overall construction is pretty solid, I bet I could roll it down the stairs and a few Joe's would still survive. The wheels are on plastic flap "shocks," that make this more quality then the run of the mill army men vehicles. It comes with two main weapons, a spinning gatling gun (shown) and a firing rocket launcher (not shown). Also like the original VAMPS, shovels, A hammer, and two gas canisters. My military science consultant brother-in-law says there is missing rings for airdrops or something...

The Design flaw on this vehicle is the back gun turret. It's so poorly designed, I didn't even bother showing it. It doesn't snap onto the back turntable well, it doesn't even fit right with the ammo-reload thingy piece, and it doesn't hold up the weight of the gun. It's a rare fail for Hasbro, as 99% of the time their vehicles are solid. I am not too concerned though, as the left alone turntable is really spiffy for placing a figure on, and having them spin on a dime.

What really just surprised me is how much bigger it is from the original VAMP (Shown is a 25th anniversary VAMP). The MK-II dwarfs the original in height, length, width, seats, etc. The New VAMP makes the old VAMP look like a Power Wheel or something, Heck old Clutch can even see through the roll bar.

The new VAMP comes with a stock Steel Brigade Delta figure which looks cool but is So-so in the GI Joe world. Please give me a character with a back story, so he can fit into the team better.
He does sport two knives with belts, and a must be really uncomfortable double helmet (Really-there is another helmet under the one shown). I am afraid, this guy is just going to get randomly killed first. In driving my old VAMP out of the garage, Anniversary, this one could have been Triple Clutch).

Overall its a healthy vehicle in which I give five out of six My Little Ponies. I will give it a sixth My Little Pony if I can find a trailer to pull the sixth pony with it.

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