Friday, January 13, 2012

G.I. Joe a Real American or "International" Hero, Series 2 Season 1

Finally after 23 years I can find out what the deal is with this second series of GI Joe. I have only heard that it wasn't as good, and seen short clips, so I didn't have much to go with. (Oh, found at Walmart today for $20.00)

Yes, this is the show where the Baroness wears a cow skull and transforms GI Joe Movie snake ridden Cobra Commander back into a man-snake-man New Cobra Commander. I watched the initial five part series, Operation Dragonfire, and was impressed. I thought the animation was more fluid, yet not as detailed as the previous series (which is better than what I have heard). Some voice actors and music were maintained, which really surprised me. The story moved just like the other series; high intensity ADHD. There were plenty more new vehicles, getting wackier then ever. I wouldn't mind searching for a GI Joe Mudfighter, or whatever the heck Gold headed Destro was driving. The characters did feel a little soft, and the absence of Duke, Flint and Hawk so far is kind of annoying. I hope they show up in the regular episodes. I do like how some of the old characters are re-dressed, as you can't wear the same thing every day. New characters are also introduced of course, which is good for new content. As for humor, the show had a few good silly moments, and I hope that continues too.

In the end, I am really glad that there is this series, than not, as the other show pretty much went as far as it should have gone.

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