Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Happy Meal Toys 8 Team Hot Wheels Cars and I can Be Barbie McDonalds

At last, 2012 Happy Meal toys are rolling in, after weeks of getting rid of old extra toys. I was only planning on getting a couple Hot Wheels cars, but the die-cast/plastic was SO shiny I couldn't resist, and got all eight, and one Barbie too.

My favorites are the Dragster and Monster truck. I kind of grubbied them up already with the stickers, I think I will remove them, as they look better off. The outer shell is a light metal, die cast of sorts, the bases are plastic. The wheels are a little cheaper than what is sold in stores. Lots of stickers if your into customizing.

I recommend picking up a few, but not all, now that my high is over.

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