Thursday, January 26, 2012

G.I. Joe a Real 30th Anniversary; Cobra Viper Infantry

I have said many times that the Cobra Viper is my favorite style trooper from the Cobra Organization. With the urban gear he wears, the Viper looks the most authentic, from a legitimate flashy branded terrorist organization. I can't believe it took me so long to get one, as I would have felt really stupid for missing it.

This figure is another successful awesome from Hasbro. Looking real nice with a chrome helmet, darker color scheme, and permanent goggles, this Viper is ready to go.

Five out of five My Little ponies, for the grenade launcher he carries. Perfection says his grenade actually comes off (and not in the over used spring firing ways)!

Only a few short years ago, I thought the 25th anniversary Viper was the way of the future.

Now the 25th Viper looks antiquated with his shiny blue pants, crooked back wrists, bland painted helmet, and lose goggles.

Then there is the Original Viper... (Remake of Original Viper that is).

...Well nothing can beat the original.

In the end, all Vipers look great. Can't wait for the 35th anniversary version!

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