Sunday, July 17, 2011

WWE Legends Sgt. Slaughter

Did I REALLY just buy a wrestling action figure? I guess I did. I have been eyeing Sgt. Slaughter for months now, thinking he might fit well with the Sigma Six GI Joe figures...

Sarge looks a little too short already, as Duke reports to duty. I guess Slaughter is going to be a stand alone figure instead. He's not too bad, and has all my normal callouts, good likeliness, good articulation, solid joints, blah blah blah. He could use a couple fake blood packets to burst over his head though. If you YouTube his Iron Sheik fights, WOW, there is a lost and bizarre era. I can understand amping your countries patriotism, but with a fake staged fight? It seems kind of small. Yet on the other hand...

The display stand is spiffy, as it holds a small card vertically with his name. I like that. But he's still too short for Duke.

Sarge, you are just not big enough to pin Duke.

Sarge is big enough to whip the 3 3/4" scale figures back to action. The team will wish they didn't eat all those mini mini doughnuts the last few years.

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