Thursday, July 07, 2011

It's a vintage 1983-84 Gizmo and Stripe Gremlins set!

Awwwwe, how cute. It's Gizmo! A 1984 LJN toy that came extra with a huge lot of Ebay Thundercats action figures my friend bought.

Hey, Stripe too? He's a little more scuffed up, but what do you expect from that trouble maker? He's also older, aged 1983. Uh-oh my leaky ceiling!!!

That's not good!!! A leaky ceiling and an amok Gremlin. There goes my house value.

Fun little treasures these are. I had to take a few photos before they are Ebayed off to compensate for the huge lot of Thundercats prices. If you would like them, show some love to Thatboywhites new Ebay account...

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