Sunday, July 10, 2011

GI Joe The Pursuit of Cobra; Cobra Ice Cutter

Totally awesome tread height dude!

Cobra Commander clearly has rehired, or un-prisoned, his 1980's vehicle design team. Many of the new Pursuit of Cobra vehicles borrow much from the old era. They have that Cobra funky design, yet still almost look possible to build. The Ice Cutter has those great flipping tracks borrowing from He-Man's Attak Trak too. I think the general consensous is, neat flipping tracks, but a need to lock them into place. I think I will do a video shortly to show those off, so stay tuned.

the back sports a big wheel, that would probably need some spikes for even more traction. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to drive and maintain this thing. Yet it is still totally awesome. The laser cannon on top, is just that a laser cannon. No shooting projectile if you can imagine that!

The driver wields two powerful flat like rackets for hitting Joe's in the face. He also has a back back with mini missile, and a machine gun.

Great toy to add to your arctic battle teams.

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