Monday, July 18, 2011

The Quorra Action Figure Conundrum, Pass or Fail? Tron Legacy.

I'm still sticking to my Tron Legacy toys as a fan! They are spiffy future cool. I know in five years when all the batteries are dead, I will be cursing them, but for now, play on! I finally found a Quorra in the wild at Target, but is she an epic fail of a figure? Her helmet is so stumpy, and covers her better side. It's as if she's hiding some horrible disfigurement.

Everything else is spot on cool, she has good articulation, and can even kick/sit with the mini skirt pretty well.

They even have her digital shoes going accurate.

So with her ugly helmet, is their any chance?

Wait a second, look who just walked by!

Indiana Jones girl, Irina Spalko everyone!

Are we to be entertained with a female sword fight???

Not a sword fight, but a good old fashioned head steal!

Well look at that, Irina's head almost fits to Quorra's body! She looks a little too old, but the hair is spot on. I wonder if there are paint tricks to match her better.

With the head being a little loose, she's almost channeling some Kim Cattrall's Lieutenant Valeris from Star Trek VI (Can this post get any geekier...Just wait a second...)

Quorra look out! Irina is at it again, channeling the power of the black crystal skull helmet!!!

Oh Wait, it doesn't fit. Whew, we can all rest.

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