Thursday, July 28, 2011

Transformers Reveal the Shield, Solar Storm Grappel

If you want this years classic Transformers remakes, you have to avoid the big stores, and head to the discount chains like ROSS and TJ Maxx. It takes a few more weekly visits, but in the end you'll find the remake of your vary first Transformer!

In box, he looks totally AWESOME! I am enjoying him captured for a few more days before I tear it out. My old Grappel, note the spelling change, is still functional, but quite beat up. New Grappel is enormous! I am a bit sad I didn't get his counterpart, Inferno, now a year back or so, as Ebay his him for a fortune now. Thats okay though, I have too many as it is, and Grappel is the Transformer of the hour around my place.

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