Saturday, April 18, 2009

Team to fight against a Zombie horde!

So there's this Facebook app. which asks you to pick your five celebrity dream team members in a fight against a zombie horde.

Okay. Okay.

I heard about it from Bubbashelby of Toyriffic who heard it from Darius of Adventures in Nerdliness, and had to pick my five right away!

#1. Tech Deck Arnie.

In charge of the group, Arnie's experience in Politics, Robotics, Movies, and Skating should prove humorous versus Zombies.

#2. Inspector Gadget.

If the inspector can't figure out the Zombie attacks surely Penny and Brain could make a plan to end the horde.

#3. Dinobot

The team will need a great hero, and I can't think of a better disgruntled warrior.

#4. GI Joe Barbecue

I mainly want to see him light up a bunch of burning Zombies, then axe them down into flaming pieces.

#5. Boise State Mr. Potato Head

Boise State Potatoes have the highest winning percentage of any Potato football team this century. Those odds would help in any fight!


Bubbashelby said...

Wonderful line-up! Those zombies don't stand a chance!

Neither does the spud, when BBQ remembers how much he loves baked potatoes!

Dan said...

Thanks! And yes, the spud could provide food for the team in case things get dicey.

chunky B said...

Best line up so far!


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