Saturday, April 18, 2009

Team to fight against a Zombie horde!

So there's this Facebook app. which asks you to pick your five celebrity dream team members in a fight against a zombie horde.

Okay. Okay.

I heard about it from Bubbashelby of Toyriffic who heard it from Darius of Adventures in Nerdliness, and had to pick my five right away!

#1. Tech Deck Arnie.

In charge of the group, Arnie's experience in Politics, Robotics, Movies, and Skating should prove humorous versus Zombies.

#2. Inspector Gadget.

If the inspector can't figure out the Zombie attacks surely Penny and Brain could make a plan to end the horde.

#3. Dinobot

The team will need a great hero, and I can't think of a better disgruntled warrior.

#4. GI Joe Barbecue

I mainly want to see him light up a bunch of burning Zombies, then axe them down into flaming pieces.

#5. Boise State Mr. Potato Head

Boise State Potatoes have the highest winning percentage of any Potato football team this century. Those odds would help in any fight!

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