Thursday, April 16, 2009

Batman and Scarecrow

Okay, one day after my toy prices rant, I go out and buy more toys, and the vary ones that make me mad that they are overpriced! They forced me to do it, Scarecrow shot some strange gas at me, and I feared what would happen if I didn't buy him.

This has to be one of my favorite Scarecrows ever made. Just look at that cool twisty turny hat! Of course he could really use a sickle or a bird or something extra to make it worth it. Oh and Mattel, you suck for not including a display base! Are these things supposed to float on air? Feet this small always equals falling. They are so doing it on purpose so that people go to their website and buy other stuff. The worst part is, the bases don't even work. The figures still tip over. Need to add a little more weight on these things. Do they even test critical stuff like that or do they just buy one hundred million from the first mass supplier they find? Oh-oh, I hope I'm not turning into one of those bitter toy bloggers.

Then again, my figure keeps gassing Batman. That toy technology must have cost extra.

Believe it or not, I too created the Scarecrow character on my own creative merits. When I wrote the '100 adventures of Farmer Brown', the garden scarecrow was of course the farmer's main nemesis. For some reason at the time I didn't even think that Batman had an enemy called the Scarecrow, or there was a scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, or countless other times a scarecrow was used as a character. I even was probably watching Batman the Animated Series at the same time I was drawing Farmer Brown and the Scarecrow. I still like to think that I too created the character. I guess mine was unique in that it was trying to steal Farmer Brown's brains and using them for his own.

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