Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prowl in Robot mode

I had a request from Dennis to show some Prowl robot mode pictures. Initially Prowl wouldn't let me, actually he still doesn't. I had to sneak into the Toy Museum Martial Arts Club to get these pictures. Kind of fear for my life now that I'm posting these to the web. Most likely I will be attacked before dawn.

Anyhow, here is the group warming up. I am amazed they let Minimates King Pin take part in these exercises.

Sword training is important, but Prowl doesn't want to show his sword here.

The stand on ones head pose, helps keep plastic hard in ones joints. A round of applause for Darth Maul and his foot holding lightsaber trick.

Dramatic poses is also important to practice. Ah, Prowl now has his sword/arm weapon out. It is the third wheel assembly from his cart.

Oh, this is rare! Prowl is demonstrating his advanced wheel cart armor transformation to the others. Look at that grace...

Well, looks like he still needs more practice with that exercise. Darth Maul has the sitting on one's stiff Sith robes down!

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