Friday, January 25, 2008

Welp, I lost Star Wars RISK.

Any stategery of mine failed. Bryan's forces were too powerful to even pick back at. Andy and I played each other friendly forces, and still got rolled over. I discovered too that I am an amazing low roller, rolling three ones in a row, and other times rolling one number lower than Bryan many times. At least I still have my Trivial Persuit crown.

Next week, I'll bring in some Star Wars Attacktix. See if we can set up a small bracket play-off tournament (with shop protective gogles of course). And the next week I think we will try Star Wars Stratego in a similar playoff fashion. Then we will need to start looking for other Star Wars related games. I was sure I once saw a Darth Vader Operation game, but I can't seem to located it on ebay.

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