Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Finally 'What is in the cart?' revealed!

Okay, I will end the tension of the biggest mystery of the year so far...

8 Jellyfish were in the cart of course!

SpongeBob and Patrick like to collect them on my couch. I'm glad they do, because one time they didn't, and I had quite the investation of jellyfish in my pants after watching tv.

By the way, isn't Gary the greatest or smallest Lego creation ever made?

My new years resolution is to sell about 200 dollars worth of toys, purchase the Lego Star Wars Death Star, take a punishing week building it, and then drop it down my parents stairs to the basement, just like when I was younger. Don't worry, I will YouTube the event for sure. I might need P.D.o.G.U. help though, for the documentary of course.

and maybe a powerfull vacuum.

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