Monday, January 28, 2008

Today is the 50th anniversary of Lego building blocks!

The 50th anninversary story

Mine spent the day celebrating quietly under a plastic bin of Star Wars Action Fleet, which is under a bin of Transformers Beast Wars toys.

"Oh my GOd, Doesn't he know that plastic bins like that will seriously limit the lifespan of those toys!!!?"

I saw that K-nex today in the store shamelessly had their toys copying lego with plastic bricks now! Knex toys are great in their own style, they don't need to copy what legos do! Knex legos look pretty shotty though-so I doubt they will succeed in taking any cake (they even copied the Lego Mosiac idea to the exact same thing--that's just uncreative--Unless it was the other way around than I will shut up)

The next Lego sets I want? The Indiana Jones sets-- I really hope they make the tank form the last Crusade--but I know lego doesn't like those war toys--(but then there is Star WARS) I also want the SpongeBob Rocket set with Sandy the squirrel. Thats really all I want it for, is the squirrel of course. And finally, I want the Death Star so I can throw it down my parents stairs and slow-mo the whole thing.

Happy 50th Lego? I can't wait to see what the 100th sets look like... Probably bricks that fit together without any bumps!

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