Sunday, January 13, 2008

Boba Fett Attacktix

Does your Boba Fett Attacktix also fly up onto cheap paintings and shoot you from above?

I'm getting excited for the release of series five Star Wars Attacktix, and series two of Marvel Attacktix. Its kind of quiet on the toy aisle for great finds of late. I miss the thrill of buying a whole bunch of mystery packs and finding out they all have the same lame figure inside.

Interesting side note, Baba Fett is my first Attacktix with a backpack projectile launcher. He takes a bow, and POW!


Josh Miller said...

I'm wondering if series 2 of Transformers is ever getting released.

I dug out my Attacktix the other day. Wow I have a lot of Rodimus Like 7 or 8 of him.

PS, My boba fett isn't like that, it's the one on the string that can "fly".

Dan said...

I worry too that Hasbro might unshelf the next series, and kill the line all together. Most sets left on the shelf are peg warmers these days. The bubble must have burst when they released series three and four so close together along with Transformers and Marvel. Or the two pack boosters with impenitrable plastic casing. Can't easily cheat and find the ones you want--not that I did that--but I would check the ones that other people did that.

I think a better way to sell them is to have three figures in a booster, the rare and kind of rare known, and the super rare hidden. THat way you can at least decide what crappy pieces you can continue to collect. The grab bag style worked at first to grow curiosity, but now I would think the fan base is set-- So to be fair, let the buyers know what they are buying.

PS PS, I recently purchased the new String Fett on ebay. I can't wait to try that tactic out.


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