Friday, January 18, 2008

Star Wars Clone Wars RISK-- I'm in big trouble!!!

Playing Star Wars Board games during friday lunches is becoming a tradition at my job. Well at least 2 weeks of tradition, and at least one more, because we didn't have time to finish Star Wars RISK. Unfortunatly I'm Red, and I'm in a really tight spot. I was only able to hold the Outer Rim for one turn, then it fell again. I don't have a whole region of space to get the much needed extra troops per turn. I'm afraid Andy or Bryan will destroy me early next game. Unless they become so enraged with each other, I can somehow sneak back into the game. I did come from behind in Star Wars Trivial Persuit and defeated Andy to win that game. Bwa-ha-ha!

We took this picture as proof of where to place the units next time. And so no Kramer vs Newman Tom foolary takes place, Bryan also has a picture. I was tempted to photoshop some extra pieces into my territory, or change the colors on the pieces to my favor.

Also, we played closer to regualar RISK rules. Star Wars Clone Wars RISK looks like the most complicated game ever created. Just 11 simple steps plus bysteps to master and then its go time.

Also, Also, I just learned today I have been playing Star Wars Attacktix all wrong! I reread the rules today, like I have done a thousand times, and just noticed you can move as many figures you want per turn as long as its no more than the tix allowed!!! For some crazy reason I had it in my head you could just move the two figures that were the attacking figures! Gad this changes everything. I can't believe I was so STUPID to miss this. Oh well, I like the game more for collecting the figures than playing--but maybe now I will like playing more, because I will be doing it right.

ALSO, also, also, if anyone has any suggestions on how the Outer Rim will take back the Galaxy Far far away--PLEASE let me know!!!

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