Sunday, July 15, 2007

Snake Eyes 25th anniversary figure.

Rummors are true, GI Joe 25th anniversary figure are at K-mart. Note the word 'figure'. I found Snake Eyes on top of a pile of other toys, but could not find any other new Joes. I really wanted a Flint figure, thus begining another legendary hunt for a Flint figure. These new 25th figures feel like a cross between a Star Wars figure and a GI Joe figure. Plastic feels softer than the regualr Joe, I wonder if he can still take a fall off the stairs in some sort of Construx vehicle? That will be for another day.

As for Sigma Six Snake Eyes with Timber, I can't decide whether to open or not. I already have a Snake Eyes Sigma Six figure open, so I would be opening this just to play with the fully posible Timber figure...

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