Saturday, July 14, 2007

All hail mighty Transformers poster!

I really like this poster. Actually I really like the placement of this poster. It's right over my computer desk. I feel like I'm bowing down to Optimus Prime or else, and at the same time looking for spare change for Megatron. I'm a little weary of BumbleBee's gun placement though.

While on the topic of My Little Transformers, I wanted to share what I thought of the big movie last week. There may be spoilers here, but by now, I think everyone has seen it. For the most part I really enjoyed the show. Of course there were plenty of little things that could be brought up. The action scenes were too fast and complicated to make anything out sometimes. There was not enough, or any, character to the Transformers that would make you really like/hate them. I would have rather had the Decepticons come to Earth to steal the abundant diverse resources for Cybertron, rather than the All Spark Cube. Why was Jazz's dancy character set up for kids, when he is the only Autobot that gets horribly killed? Bonecrusher didn't last very long for all the hype in the commercials. Starscream needed more airtime as well. But he did fail Megatron again so that was taken care of. Where was Optimus Primes trailer. I think it would have been a nice addition, if it came out of nowhere and attached to Prime for the entrie move. Teletran one could have rode inside.

The battle in the end was crazy, but didn't have enough of an emotional punch. Heck, in Star Trek VI the Undiscovered Country came out, I remember geeks clapping and chearing when the Bird of Prey was blown up. That didn't happen for Megs. The final fight between Optimus And Megatron was so fast, it was over before I was ready for it. I think part of that to blame was Primes weakness. What makes Optimus Prime so cool is his Superman like character. You knew he was the winner, by his size, power and character. Why not have him slightly bigger than Megatron, it balances out the good vs evil thing. Megatron has an really evil plan, but Optimus is bigger and will figure it out and win. I would have been way happier with Prime giving Megatron about five good Death Blows before shoving the cube in the Matrix then shooting out a mega Matrix beam out his chest and blowing Megs to bits.

The opening Scorpinok battle was awesome, especially with the military gun ship pelting him. That was spiffy. The Camero and VW Bug at the used car lot scene was nicely done. The stepping on the bird bath was comical, sort or dorky for Prime though. The Plate of doughnuts was funny. I would like to see more of the battle between Bumblebee and Baracade. The Ebay stuff was funny. Why wasn't it Sam 'Spike' Witwicky?

Fun movie, I plan to see it again this week. I hope the Transformers take major speaking rolls in the next movie. I give it three out of Four My Little Ponies!

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