Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Optimus Prime and Sam's neat size changing glasses...

I saw that Transformers movie again tonight. I liked it better the second time. Perhaps I was too hopped up on goof balls the first time I saw it, so things were much clearer this time. Some of those crazy scenes were a little easier to make out. The ending Optimus Prime vs Megatron fight was still way too short and staged way in the back ground too much. That should have been the center piece of the final battle scene. Oh well, maybe that will be expanded on in sequals.

I did this time also take note of Sam's neat size changing glasses. Prime picks up two humans in his large hands making the humans look tiny. Yet later when Prime picks up glasses, at one point they are almost half his hand size! Then at another point the glasses are in between his finger tips-still a little larger than they should be. Then again, maybe this was done on purpose, as a story telling technique to highlight the all mighty glasses importance.

I also noted the Furby on the trailer in the city in the end. Nice touch Hasbro.

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