Monday, June 11, 2007

Ur-Quan Masters for FREE? Am I dreaming?

If I have a list for favorite computer games of all time in the world of coolness, Star Control 2 fits up there. It looks like brilliant people out there got the game code released for free so you can download the game with out any problems from the Melnorme trader, ha ha ha. They just had to do some endless repairs and bug fixings and slap a different name, The Ur-Quan Masters, and behold I can Melee all day long. The game has the funnest 2D space ship vs space ship battles in all of space. It has some of the funniest alien dialogue of all of space. It has the greatest science fiction story of all of space. And it has the Spathi!

I first played the game back in the Sega Genesis days. I think it was even titled Star Control: IV just to mess with our heads like Star Wars A New Hope did. The Sega game had the melee battles and an interesting 3D Star Map full game, kind of like Risk or my brain hurts looking at all the stars floating around game. I had fun, and forgot about it for a few years.

Then I heard some friends talking about the Mycon and Vux and was astonished to hear about Star Con 2 was out with a full story mode! A very complicated and challenging story about Giant Green Centipede like guys, the Ur-Quan, enslaving the humans on Earth, you a dashing Captain of a found Alien vessel must re-find and re-establish a Star Trek like Alliance of free Stars to Squish out all that is bad. There is a huge star map to explore, lots of tedious element gathering with a shuttle craft, mystery solving fun, and of course Rainbow worlds!

I recommend finding the game and playing it, or at least the ship melee battles. They are great. The strategy involved with what ship takes on what ship better is fun to explore. My Favorite ship of course is the Ur-quan with the auto fighters that go out and destroy. The Airelou are fun becasue they are immune to planets gravity, so you can use it to super advantage. The Vux have the little green globs that slow other ships to a standstill. And the Spathi has a weapon that sounds like a fart.

Okay okay, enough senceless blabbing. The game is fun. You will play it now!

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