Monday, June 25, 2007

Dan's vacation Panic Plunge at Silverwood

I wasn't planning on riding this drop tower, but when we were walking by and saw no lines I reconsidered. Actually I didn't rereconsider until I was about 20 feet up and realized I didn't study the ride before hand. I had no idea how it would drop, how far, how much time to top, or how it would slow down. In fact, I got on without barely a thought on; 'is this little harness enough to hold me in'. Kind of freaked me out as I got to the top. So I said a quick prayer and had a good plunge. It was pretty fun, my jaw stuck to my brain and I was without gravity for a second or so.

Now friends at work tell me that a poor girl in Kentucky was injured on this style of ride not two days after I road one. I actually visited the Kentucky Kingdom park in the early 90's, but the ride wasn't built yet. Then I did some further research on Ride Accidents, and I am now depressed.

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