Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dan's Vacation Hiawatha Trail Idaho

The lack of posts of late is due mainly to the time spent element collecting for my Ur-Quan master friends. Soon I will have an armada group worthy of destroying the Sa'matra battle platform.

Also I took a trip to northern Idaho. Got a chance to bike the Hiawatha Rail-trail. It was a blast, 9 tunnels, 7 super high trestle bridges, and great views. Mostly all down hill, 2% down grade made for easy ride about 15 miles. The best part was the Taft tunnel (not pictured), almost 2 miles long connecting Montana and Idaho. Very cold, very dark, and very wet, the tunnel took forever to ride through. I thought my hands would freeze off in there. It was very strange to see the exit, yet not be able to peddel to it in a quickly mannor.

I know, you are thinking I look just like Lego Obi-wan kenobi, we share striking similarities.

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