Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Darn Alliance kicked my Ur-Quan Butt.

I was Meleeing last night to a horrible, enbarassing defeat! I usually play the Alliance side agaist the Ur-Quan Hierarchy. This time I tried a fleet of varieting Ur-Quans agains a fleet of Alliance ships. I thought it was balanced in my favor, with my total points at about 300 to about 280 for the Alliance.

Thanks to the darn Utwig and their stupid shield oscillators I lost five or six ships right off the bat. I figured with computer on awesome, it could press those shields much faster and efficient than a human. I figured I could catch up with my amazing skills...

Then the Pkunk come along with their "Stupid-Jerk-Nitwit" ultra fast manuvering ships. It was only one ship, so when I say ships I am referring to its ability to reincarnate itself once it blows up. Legend says that its a 50/50 chance that it does reincarnate...the darn thing came back from the dead about ten times! It wasn't until about 6 to 8 of my ships were destroyed until I realized the Pkunk have a hard time dealing with the Mycon Podships primary weapon.

By this time I only had a few ships left, So the Chenjesu had to play clean up with the rest of my ships. It uses 'dogis' or small glowing crystalls to attack and defuel your ship. And they did, to much success. The main problem is once they spawn four of them and defeat you, the dogis stay around to do the same with your next ship. And when all you have left is a slow VUX or a Ilrawth its about time to quit anyways.

So I was totally embarrased, whiped out by just three ships, and thought I'd share my defeat. Maybe with some practice, and start selecting the right ship to take on the right ship, I can retry this to better success.

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