Saturday, June 30, 2007


I just passed up buying a bunch of toys at the store. New Transformers arn't looking that neat for the $. The Real gear is okay, but overpriced. Almost went for some Star Wars Transformers, but those are overpriced as well. I hope series 2 marvel Attacktix comes out soon.


Ramen Junkie said...

If it's any consolation, I was pretty put out on the movie toys initially but some of them are pretty decent.

I'm behind on my reviews. I usually write in my downtime at work but it's been busy, what with being bought out and all.

Anyway, Jazz is my favorite so far. Blackout is pretty decent too. Bumblebee is ok but his feet bug me a lot. Barricade is also OK but his pose is odd and his gimmick flakey.

My newest pick up is Bonecrusher who is a lot neater than I expected. I was passing on the Decepticons for the most part but I'm really digging Bone crusher so far. Mostly because he comes off as kind of dorky though so he may not be everyone's cup o tea.

Dan said...

I looked at Bonecrusher for about ten minutes, locked in a should I buy decision. I decided not too, for now, but Im sure the movie itself will sway me to a purchase.

Mike Overall said...

Hey Dan!

Kudos for linking my site to yours...we should form a chain with all the other toysites...I dunno...

Anyone know if there is going to be a Soundwave in the movie? I don't think so but the paper listed all the characters in the movie and he was listed...who knows...


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