Thursday, February 07, 2013

Star Wars Dr. Evazan and Bom Vimdin Cantina patrons

I ventured to Toys R Us today, and found a Bom Vimdin a Cantina patron. I really like collecting the Cantina aliens as they make perfect fill in characters to any play adventure scenerio. You don't have to worry about too much conflicting back story with these guys. I think I have enough now to fill up the big Millennium Falcon. I should do a group photo one of these days. They all have amazing costumes and just look like scum.

I have had Dr. (Cornelius) Evazan on my Mantle since last Christmas. He helped liven up the holly and candles. But its time I open them and stop this hoarding of packaged stuff.

Did I mention these guys look like scum?

Wait, one is speaking...

Oh GREAT! Thanks a lot Dr. Evazan! There was only one Bom Vimdin left, now he's dead.

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