Saturday, February 09, 2013

Saturday Assortment

I took a trip out today to look for a Cantina band player. I know exactly the set I want, available through ebay, but I don't think I will get it in time for the antics of this week. I was hoping to find one in town to hold me over, but it looks like it was a little more rare than normal. I did pick up this assortment at our local reseller Time Zone Toys.

First off, an older Star Wars Power of the Force collection, Ponda Baba. I hope to get the fancy one sometime soon, but this one will be fine for the short term. I like how the previous collector kept the card.

Second, a G.I. Joe 25th "New" Cobra Commander. I purchased most of the 25th line, but for somehow reason, missed this one. CC in Battle Armor is one of my favorites. Not really because he is Cobra Commander, but more as it's a really ass kicking costume!

Thirdly three, at the very end I noticed some loose Blue Rangers in the Power Ranger bin. I collect Blue Rangers, and was floored to find a really nice Blue Dino Thunder Ranger. Also a somewhat loose  Blue Space Ranger, in which I will have to get a battery to see if the helmet light up feature will still work. A Space Police ranger with the big number "2" on the suit is the last one (one of my favorite Ranger designs btw). He is missing his hand, I wonder what horrible accident befell him?

Fourthly and finally a Rainbow Dash for my kiddo, or at least I like to say it that way.

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